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          bimetal cure oven



            TONE JIDOKI

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          We are producing equipments for thermal products more than 1500 machines since 1970.
          We have equipments what you need for sure.
          We do customize and arrange from design to suits you also.
          We do consulting for your production for any kind of thermal products also.





          We are producing the temperature tester for sample testing and the conveyer temperature type for all products testing for the temperature sensor and any kind of thermal products.
          The temperature sensor needs grantee for temperature tolerance, and we focus on it with the sirocco fan which is fast speed air mix in the oven.
          You will get the high temperature tolerance for our temperature tester, cure oven, and dryer.
          We also focus about the anti-environmental pollution equipment without oil bath and medicine bath which needs washing oil out, disposal oil and medicine for the bimetal disc temperature testing.

          Bimetal small cure oven
          bimetal disc cure oven


          ■300℃ ±0.5deg.℃の高精度熱処理槽
          ■溫度制御範囲 100℃~400℃


          Between 100 to 400 deg C