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          bimetal formingbimetal forming machinebimetal temperature testerthermostat temperature testerassembly machinethermostat life testerbimetal moldbowl feederultrasonic weldercaulking



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          thermostat bimetal machine


            tone jidoki

            TONE JIDOKI

          TEL 81-6-6931-8571
          FAX 81-6-6934-8673

          We are producing equipments for thermal products more than 1500 machines since 1970.
          We have equipments what you need for sure.
          We do customize and arrange from design to suits you also.
          We do consulting for your production for any kind of thermal products also.





          Small Battery Protector Assembly machine

          This equipment automatically assembly Motor protector.

          tact time 1.0sec/piece