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            TONE JIDOKI

          TEL 81-6-6931-8571
          FAX 81-6-6934-8673

          TONE JIDOKI Co,. Ltd. is researching the bimetal and the thermostat since 1970.

          TONE JIDOKI is producing the FORMING MACHINE to make the bimetal, the HEAT TREATMENT MACHINE to stabilize bimetal, the TEMPERATURE INSPECTION MACHINE to confirm perfection of bimetal and product of thermostat, and any kinds of the automatic machine.

          Specially, our temperature inspection machine is great accuracy and admitted in the world. 0.3 degrees Celsius of temperature distribution realized.

          TONE JIDOKI sells the product to 100 companies of Japan and 50 companies of worldwide 21 countries.

          We love to consult completely for your production of thermostats.

          ?Design and production for the thermostat
          ?Motor protector
          ?Battery protector Protector for compressor
          ?All of the facilities Automatic Bimetal forming machine
          ?Automatic assembly machine Cure oven
          ?Temperature tester for the bimetal and the thermostat
          ?Temperature selector for the thermostat and protector















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